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Highlights and the latest news from the Redesign portfolio.
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HealthQuarters and Mount Sinai Health System Promise to Deliver Curated, Comprehensive Health and Wellness Experience
How effective is spit test for COVID-19? TODAY tries it out
The Convergence of Health, Wellness, and the Built Environment
The founder of dermatology spa Ever/Body on expanding cosmetic services during a pandemic
Not Sleeping Well? Proper Promises To Help You Get Some ZZZs With A Mix Of Supplements And Personal Coaching
Proper lands $9.5 million in funding to launch brand of holistic sleeping pills
Sleep Startup Proper Raises $9.5M From Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital
Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde gets into the sleep space, backing NY-based Proper
Can this machine give you abs?
Why NBA, MLB and PGA Tour Are Ditching Nasal Swab for Saliva COVID-19 Tests
‘We Didn’t Want to Sit Idle’: A Rush to Meet Pro Sports’ Testing Needs
What to Expect From Spas as Lockdowns Loosen
Lively hearing aids review: Can you really order hearing aids online?
New York-based telemedicine startup @calibrate Founder and CEO @itkenyon on how the company is addressing weight loss by focusing on metabolic health
This startup wants to change the way Americans think about weight loss
Calibrate gets $5M seed funds to launch telemedicine weight-loss program
Inside Calibrate, The Telehealth Newcomer Using Doctors And Coaches To Disrupt The $70 Billion Weight Loss Industry
Helping America Lose Weight: Calibrate Launches Digital Tool Backed By $5.1M Seed
Telemedicine startup Calibrate just raised $5.1 million to treat America's forgotten pandemic — obesity and overall poor metabolic health
U.S. FDA authorizes first at-home saliva test for COVID-19
My Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin Was Out Of Control Until A Virtual Consultation Changed Everything
No Derma, No Problem: Three Effective Skincare Solutions While On Lockdown
New Saliva-Based Coronavirus Test Unveiled with ‘Simplified’ Process
Men’s at-home health startup Vault takes in $30 million from Tiger Capital
The Plastic Surgery Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About In 2020
Recipients of Lively hearing aid giveaway give glowing reviews
Inside Next-Gen Doctor's Offices
Every Question You Have About Microdermabrasion, Answered
I Shocked My Abs Into 20,000 Crunches At NYC's Chicest New Cosmetic Hot Spot
It's Official: Facial Memberships Are the New Gym Memberships
Ever/Body Takes The Fear And Guess Work Out Of Botox
This startup almost convinced me to get Botox
Wellness Central: Ever/Body Aims to Be the Millennial Version of a Med-Spa
How To Raise Your First Series A Round
The Warby Parker Of Hearing Aids? Online Retailer Lively Expands With NYC Studio
Discover Wellness Made For Men
Lively Brings Hearing Devices Into Digital Age
Lively Raises $16M to Bring Hearing Aids to the Digital Era