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Redesign Health is a mission-driven innovation platform that launches transformative healthcare companies. We conduct deep fundamental research and leverage an extensive network of industry experts, corporate partners, and investors to support extraordinary entrepreneurs. Our companies work tirelessly to transform the healthcare system — elevating patient experience, increasing transparency, and democratizing access to high-quality care.

We’re redesigning healthcare to empower people to live their healthiest lives.

Our Portfolio

Our first companies include Lively, Ever/Body, Vault, HealthQuarters, Calibrate, Springtide, Anomaly, Proper, Jasper, MedArrive, DUOS, Intrinsic, UpLift, Kins, Overalls, Keen, and stealth companies in complementary medicine, health equity, kidney care, pharma SaaS, animal health, consumer healthcare payments, child & adolescent mental health, community wellness, women's health, and specialty care.

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Our Approach

Healthcare is complex and breakthrough innovations require a multifaceted approach. We bring together seasoned business model analysts, veteran healthcare industry operators, and leading technology entrepreneurs to tackle foundational problems and build meaningful solutions.


Our team leverages domain expertise and pattern recognition to identify problem areas and the addressable white space hidden deep within healthcare value chains.


We submit the most promising of our business concepts to rigorous testing to build conviction in product/market fit and inform our MVPs.


We support mission-driven founders with capital, groundwork, and industry relationships to accelerate their launch.


We empower companies with a collaborative and growing ecosystem of healthcare industry stakeholders.

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